Norm the Plumber, owner of A1 American Plumbing of Marietta,
and his highly qualified and skilled professional team have
earned Norm the Plumber the loyalty and trust of his clients.

A1 American Plumbing, INC

Yahoo! Review

Norman Schumaker, the owner of A1 American Plumbing, remains one of my favorite heroes and definitely on my speed dial! I would never dream of using another plumber! His work has always been impeccable,his team trustworthy, and prices far more reasonable than any other plumber in the area.

Yellow Pages Review

Our family and neighbors ONLY use A1 American Plumbing! Once or twice, if A1 American was booked that day, I did call other companies for estimates..needless to say, I sent them on their way & called Norman at A1 to rescue us!

Google Review

Norm, the Plumber of A1 American Plumbing, saved our skins! Tree roots had grown into pipes in the front lawn, causing an overflow of septic into our basement via the commode. We called several large & highly advertised plumbing services in Marietta, who came out and gave us estimates that had us near tears. To repair the damage, we would have to take out a 2nd mortgage on our residence! Then our neighbor referred us to “Norm the Plumber”. When Norman came out, he gave us a price that was half what other contractors were charging. The job was done beyond perfect! In trenching, it was discovered the city installed the waste lines, so they sloped back into the home, adding to septic back up into the home. These had to be redone. The city attempted to charge us a couple of thousand to repair this…until we called Norm, who showed up like the Calvary within minutes, convinced them it was the cities responsibility to repair the lines at no charge as if the lines were installed correctly by the city to begin with, then this problem would never have occurred. We use no one but Norm the Plumber and refer everyone to A1 Plumbing of Marietta! Norman has come out to give us free estimates on several more occasions on other jobs and ended up advising us how to repair the problems at little or no cost ourselves. Norman has also referred us to other professional contractors who also turned out to be golden! Basically, for any home repair or maintenance, we call Norman!